A Letter to God …

I always get in a dilemma as to where shall i start with for i have countless things to thank you .Well i think i should start with thanking you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me in terms of a beautiful home ,parents who have nourished me , good health with the best part being that you dont take them away even if i dont pay gratitude or transgress for you have ever been forgiving .

I have always found you by my side as you became my support system and i could crib , cry and pour my heart out above all without the fear of being judged when people who failed my expectations and trust came crumbling down , specially from the ones whom i trusted more than anything else . I want to thank you for being there for me in times of despair and for giving me hope when i couldn’t silence the voices in my head and all i could feel was emptiness and nothing felt good at all.

Thank you for calming the storms and all the anxious thoughts that would prop in my head which were uncontrollable at times. Lastly i want to thank you for your abundant mercy you have showered me by forgiving me for my sins be then mimiscule or gigantic and judging me on my repentance and not on my sins ,unlike people as they do it vice versa. Lastly thank you for healing my heart when it was broken beyond repair…

From your servant

Umi Aimen Kundangar


Well, when you first think about the word ‘Expectations’, what comes to your mind or how do you define it ?

Maybe in layman’s definition it would be hoping a favour from somebody when you have helped them in any way and you expect them to help back or being there for you when you feel low and you think like they will boost and dissipate all the dark shadows. If we look at the sunny side to life you wont be dissapointed when it comes to the bond of a mother for she will stand by your side no matter how hard the situation gets or how badly you behave and she acts as the shade everytime in the scorching heat of life . As life has been teaching me over and over again i come to terms with the fact that one should hope and not expect when it comes to other people , i am not being judgemental but as far as my experiences are concerned they potray some things as clear as the mirror as nobody stands by you and you have to arrange the pieces yourself to the jigsaw puzzle called “Life” for they end up sprinkling the salt when sugar is needed for they bring you down in every possible way , shatter your confidence and make you feel low about yourself when they see you ascending in any way growing closer to your goal.

Its maybe they cant see you flourish or maybe they are hiding their insecurities so that somebody else may not raise a question about their own flaws which they tend to hide under their garb of being the so called “perfect ” but the fact remains that no one is perfect except the one who created them.

So to conclude , i would say when you expect , you brace yourselves for dissapointment. So now i think when you learn to accept instead of expecting, you will be less disaapointed and way too happy and contended.

As far as the question of healing is concerned you should start forgiving people and be kind in the same way as our lord forgives his servants ignoring all the sins and keeps his doors always open for repentance , and also when the sun comes to consciousness at dawn , it does not realize how dark and dreary the last night was , and just shines brighter than the previous day.

P.S : Well , this was my share of experience , your’s can differ for sure and you can have people who would be there for you and if that’s the case i can say you should consider yourself blessed .

A letter to Sleep…

And then when the sun goes to hide behind the mountains with the promise to come back again tomorrow and shine brighter than the previous day and make people’s hearts warm again and revive their lost hopes no doubt how much the hearts have lost their vitality because of the challenges life poses at them everyday, that’s when the sky starts to change its colours and drape the aura in hues of crimson red and peachy orange, signalling the birds to fly back to their nests, and the flowers to close their wings allowing the night to enter and peep through providing the stars a field to spread itself and the moon showering its trail of light and keeping its promise of driving people back home despite the sky being pitch dark.

And as the night sets in , it begins to take hold of the starry night, slowly beginning you to drowse making the eyelids heavy like the cool breeze of summer does , finally inducing you to a deep sleep , and transporting you into a wonderland of dreams and hence taking you to such places that you would have never been to in reality, and one sleeps at peace with a cozy blanket not aware of how loud are the crickets chirping or are there howling gales swirling outside or is the moon resting itself among the stars and whether it has shut its eyelids and gone into a deep sleep.

For me, sleep is the best meditation for it keeps me away from the stress and strain of life and helps me not to worry about what tommorrow will dish out for me in the platter. Lastly i must say it keeps your mind at peace and when its at peace joy comes rushing in like the gush of water flows freely not having an ounce of fear of the possibility of a flood.

A conversation with the mirror…

I cant hate you as you stand unprejudiced and show people their real self but then i cant help but loathe about the people who stand infront of you and try to search the meaning of beauty in you and try to make themselves beautiful by applying various types of cosmetics to look ‘fair and lovely’ as they find it ,or the ones who want to attain that slim figure and every now and then keep on checking that how many inches they have gained or lost.

I feel these people those hold these superficial standards of beauty are in a way hiding these imperfections behind these layers of greasepaint they keep on applying , and rather its the imperfections in us that make us beautiful equally , as for me dark shades, freckles ,pimples or any other scars dont make you less beautiful and they are a part of a person and should embrace it wholeheartedly and never for a moment feel inferior and adhere to the society’s definition of beauty and believe everyone is beautiful despite their skin colour and that the real beauty is the beauty of the heart for looks fade and beauty lies but skin deep…

Do the trees that shed their leaves in the autumn by any means make the winter’s aura barren and lifeless ? Well if I would be asked the answer to this would be no, as they are so many beautiful things to witness like watching the snowy flakes , jump in the puddles that rain creates, trying to break in the icicles that hang on the rooftops. I believe that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and the most liberating thing about beauty is to realize that you are the beholder…

The Life of a Woman

If we largely talk of the life of a woman, we can call it a challenge, a tumultous jaunt, a dependence on a man, or a symathy for her family. Literally speaking words take a total decline but the long list of words which describe the life of a woman never end.

If we introspect every diminutive situation of a woman’s life it can be described as a suspenseful epic as since her birth as compromises and sacrifices just begin from her birth and she starts dwelling herself in various roles be that of a daughter, sister or a mother becoming the shield for her family and playing each one of them very beautifully.

If we compare the woman of the past with the woman of the modern day era the former has progressed a bit and if we talk of the latter they have left the secure domain of their homes and are now in the battlefield fully armoured with talent but in india they are yet to get their dues as a lot of discrimination prevails be it the wage gap between men and women , be it the shadows of patriarchy which she reels in, or else someone becoming a victim of domestic violence or any other form of abuse be it emotional or physical but in most of the cases she is told to bottle up all her feelings and not raise a voice against any form of injustice for it will bring a bad name to the prestige of the family but the question which pesters me is what about her own self ? Does she not possess a value of her own ? Is she not a whole being in entirety ?

Th plight of a woman can be summed up in the beautiful words of Rabindrinath Tagore:-

O Lord, Why have you not given a woman the right to conquer her destiny?

Why does she have to wait with her head bowed by the roadside

Waiting with tired patience

Hoping for a miracle in morrow ?

Despite all the criticism she stands as an epitome of patience, faces all the brunt with a smile ,does every bit to keep her family jubiliant , always makes small demands on life and never burdens others .She will never show that she too has sorrows, dissapointments, dreams that have been ridiculed. A woman is a rock in a riverbed, enduring without complaint, her grace not sullied but shaped by the turbulence that washes over her…

Rebellious Teenage

Being a teenager is such a compelling time period in life that it gives you some of the worst scars and some of the exhiliriating moments. It is a fascinating time as it makes you to experience the wildest of your experiences – some old enough to be truly adult, some old enough to make decisions that influence the rest of your life, yet at the same time to make you walk on the boggy terrain and take decisions without someone’s approval.

It is an age where one feels not to be contolled by any mentor, wants to obliterate all the shackles which she/ he feels one is encasped in. They dont want to live under the ‘shelter of rules’ but rather under the open sky unfettered by the bonds of reality.

They regard life to be unfathomably odd and profoundly unjust for they think they dont get the affection and care which they should get, they dont get the appreciation and encouragement for their miniscule achievements.It inculcates an airy feeling of loneliness and desolation topped with the hard crisp of injustice. Above all this makes them to land in a fool’s paradise and they commit such activities which are questionable at the end. For them life is a constant struggle between independence and dependence they want to experience.

Parents have high expectations from their child in every way as parents love their child selflessly and in that pressure if they dont come upto their expectations they commit suicide leaving behind an apocalyptic vision.Parents need to visualise the process through which a teenager goes and not focus on the result.

Peer pressure affects a teenager in a great way as it has negative as well as positive repurcussions.Friends, family and people all around can influence teenagers. I think the more time teenagers spend time with their peers, the more they trust them and that’s is why majority of teenagers base their decisions on the action of their friends. Positive effects of peer pressure include having interaction with people morally and spiritually upright joining informative clubs and much more .Negative effects include taking drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol and above all physical violence.

Tail Piece : There needs to be an ‘attitude adjustment’ in every teenager so that they would create a pellucid vision and adjust to every viccisitude heading towards them…

A Long Walk To Freedom

Doctors say” A brisk walk is necessary for every body whether he be slim or obese for it keeps diseases at bay but for me walks are necessary because of my love for woods and the secrets they keep on unravelling, moreover they make you perceive life from a closer angle. I also love walks for the reason that they are enlivening for they show you the reality of life at a much closer perspective and that’s what I realized as I went for one today despite the biting cold.

I saw the struggle the people face in their lives- how they get to work too early, some earn to some start to work on their farms to earn their livelihood while I living in my own cocoon never could see the various shades to life which I witnessed today.

Maybe people go for walks because they have been recommended by doctors and health experts but I love going to walks because my lungs inhale out all the negative vibes and get filled in with positive energy hence charging me up for the day. I just fail to understand how some people can be sleepyheads and miss this glorious scene that nature offers in the wee hours of the morning.

Solace and Me

At times when my sense of insecurity and anguish seems entrenched, when expectations seem hovering like the buzzing bees sucking out the nectar from the wild flowers, killing the instincts like a mesmerising thought of an artist capturing a bird in the cage with no one around to obliterate the shackles and set it free.

When the white washed walls even look at me with an eye of suspicion, when the famous quotes by renowned authors seem trapped in a cobweb of dust as if disjoined alphabets forcibly turned into bits to be lost in the maze.

When heart beats and pale dark thoughts overcast even imagination, when emptiness seems much bigger than absurdity, when no innovative joke seems thrilling, when the intricate web of thoughts serenading the mind turns into a voice of solace, then only a helping hand from nature helps the drooped back to regain the posture as a reward.

It is this solace that gives a chance to introspect deep down the fabric of being, weaves and search for the scintillating stars as they illuminate and lighten up the sea of silence, allowing to listen to one’s creative beats hence leaving the unholy temple of despondency and depression.

And I stand artless under the candid sky waiting for the symphony of dawn to light my path with the never extinguishing candles of hope in the voyage of a new horizon heading towards a gleaming future, hence me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Life is like a tide, it at times helps you to touch the shore and yet at times it pulls you out of the anchors out to be lost in the depths of the sea…

The Charm of Poetry

Poetry is the most beautiful part of not only literature but rather life for it unfolds stories in ripples with each nuance captured in expression and music. Its beauty does not only lie in the rhythm of the soft springs but it also lies in the abounding canvas of human infiniteness.

It is a personified and divine abstraction that portrays a beautiful picture of life by de-escalating the scary shadows of the artificial night and the day starting in drizzling dew. It alienates us from our daily perception, nullifies the old conceptual maps and provokes our ethical imagination to go into the uncharted regions and the outlandish.

Writing poetry is a beautiful art that incites a person to see beyond the ordinary life and gives an expression to our heartfelt emotions for Robert Frost has something mesmerizing to share…

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”…

To conclude I can write some lines that come from the heart of hearts…

“Petals aflame caressed by the wind

Poetry wafting through the air

For fragrance lingering forever

Such is the magic of its enduring beauty”….

The Shades of Life

A beautiful gift, nay without test

Into thin air scatters the rest

Posing all the challenges from east to west

Hiding harrowing secrets deep into the nest…

Success and failure but both make you best

Success ; towers and carries to the crest

Failure but enhances a pain called quest

Life full of shade and shower, venom and wine

Never changes what life means a line…

Imagination carries the wingless bird high

Helping even the mute pulse to cry

Ah! What life thee grace, what thee pace

Who could from you but win a case?…

Hurdles only made me soft and fine

All the challenges I named mine

Facing it with the utmost strength

And changed the length into breadth…