The Charm of Poetry

Poetry is the most beautiful part of not only literature but rather life for it unfolds stories in ripples with each nuance captured in expression and music. Its beauty does not only lie in the rhythm of the soft springs but it also lies in the abounding canvas of human infiniteness.

It is a personified and divine abstraction that portrays a beautiful picture of life by de-escalating the scary shadows of the artificial night and the day starting in drizzling dew. It alienates us from our daily perception, nullifies the old conceptual maps and provokes our ethical imagination to go into the uncharted regions and the outlandish.

Writing poetry is a beautiful art that incites a person to see beyond the ordinary life and gives an expression to our heartfelt emotions for Robert Frost has something mesmerizing to share…

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”…

To conclude I can write some lines that come from the heart of hearts…

“Petals aflame caressed by the wind

Poetry wafting through the air

For fragrance lingering forever

Such is the magic of its enduring beauty”….

Published by Umi Aimen Kundangar

A bibliophile, A movie Buff, An amateur writer, An Aesthethe forever...

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