Solace and Me

At times when my sense of insecurity and anguish seems entrenched, when expectations seem hovering like the buzzing bees sucking out the nectar from the wild flowers, killing the instincts like a mesmerising thought of an artist capturing a bird in the cage with no one around to obliterate the shackles and set it free.

When the white washed walls even look at me with an eye of suspicion, when the famous quotes by renowned authors seem trapped in a cobweb of dust as if disjoined alphabets forcibly turned into bits to be lost in the maze.

When heart beats and pale dark thoughts overcast even imagination, when emptiness seems much bigger than absurdity, when no innovative joke seems thrilling, when the intricate web of thoughts serenading the mind turns into a voice of solace, then only a helping hand from nature helps the drooped back to regain the posture as a reward.

It is this solace that gives a chance to introspect deep down the fabric of being, weaves and search for the scintillating stars as they illuminate and lighten up the sea of silence, allowing to listen to one’s creative beats hence leaving the unholy temple of despondency and depression.

And I stand artless under the candid sky waiting for the symphony of dawn to light my path with the never extinguishing candles of hope in the voyage of a new horizon heading towards a gleaming future, hence me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Life is like a tide, it at times helps you to touch the shore and yet at times it pulls you out of the anchors out to be lost in the depths of the sea…

Published by Umi Aimen Kundangar

A bibliophile, A movie Buff, An amateur writer, An Aesthethe forever...

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