Rebellious Teenage

Being a teenager is such a compelling time period in life that it gives you some of the worst scars and some of the exhiliriating moments. It is a fascinating time as it makes you to experience the wildest of your experiences – some old enough to be truly adult, some old enough to make decisions that influence the rest of your life, yet at the same time to make you walk on the boggy terrain and take decisions without someone’s approval.

It is an age where one feels not to be contolled by any mentor, wants to obliterate all the shackles which she/ he feels one is encasped in. They dont want to live under the ‘shelter of rules’ but rather under the open sky unfettered by the bonds of reality.

They regard life to be unfathomably odd and profoundly unjust for they think they dont get the affection and care which they should get, they dont get the appreciation and encouragement for their miniscule achievements.It inculcates an airy feeling of loneliness and desolation topped with the hard crisp of injustice. Above all this makes them to land in a fool’s paradise and they commit such activities which are questionable at the end. For them life is a constant struggle between independence and dependence they want to experience.

Parents have high expectations from their child in every way as parents love their child selflessly and in that pressure if they dont come upto their expectations they commit suicide leaving behind an apocalyptic vision.Parents need to visualise the process through which a teenager goes and not focus on the result.

Peer pressure affects a teenager in a great way as it has negative as well as positive repurcussions.Friends, family and people all around can influence teenagers. I think the more time teenagers spend time with their peers, the more they trust them and that’s is why majority of teenagers base their decisions on the action of their friends. Positive effects of peer pressure include having interaction with people morally and spiritually upright joining informative clubs and much more .Negative effects include taking drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol and above all physical violence.

Tail Piece : There needs to be an ‘attitude adjustment’ in every teenager so that they would create a pellucid vision and adjust to every viccisitude heading towards them…

Published by Umi Aimen Kundangar

A bibliophile, A movie Buff, An amateur writer, An Aesthethe forever...

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