The Life of a Woman

If we largely talk of the life of a woman, we can call it a challenge, a tumultous jaunt, a dependence on a man, or a symathy for her family. Literally speaking words take a total decline but the long list of words which describe the life of a woman never end.

If we introspect every diminutive situation of a woman’s life it can be described as a suspenseful epic as since her birth as compromises and sacrifices just begin from her birth and she starts dwelling herself in various roles be that of a daughter, sister or a mother becoming the shield for her family and playing each one of them very beautifully.

If we compare the woman of the past with the woman of the modern day era the former has progressed a bit and if we talk of the latter they have left the secure domain of their homes and are now in the battlefield fully armoured with talent but in india they are yet to get their dues as a lot of discrimination prevails be it the wage gap between men and women , be it the shadows of patriarchy which she reels in, or else someone becoming a victim of domestic violence or any other form of abuse be it emotional or physical but in most of the cases she is told to bottle up all her feelings and not raise a voice against any form of injustice for it will bring a bad name to the prestige of the family but the question which pesters me is what about her own self ? Does she not possess a value of her own ? Is she not a whole being in entirety ?

Th plight of a woman can be summed up in the beautiful words of Rabindrinath Tagore:-

O Lord, Why have you not given a woman the right to conquer her destiny?

Why does she have to wait with her head bowed by the roadside

Waiting with tired patience

Hoping for a miracle in morrow ?

Despite all the criticism she stands as an epitome of patience, faces all the brunt with a smile ,does every bit to keep her family jubiliant , always makes small demands on life and never burdens others .She will never show that she too has sorrows, dissapointments, dreams that have been ridiculed. A woman is a rock in a riverbed, enduring without complaint, her grace not sullied but shaped by the turbulence that washes over her…

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12 thoughts on “The Life of a Woman

  1. Well put Umi.

    In our family women were always equally loved, respected and encouraged.

    Thousands of years of a way of life can’t be changed in one day or one life time. But we must do our best. We need to become the change we want to see in the world

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  2. Well said, thank you very much

    the man
    can not
    really know
    what the woman

    what a gem
    the woman really is

    for one world
    for rebirth
    new life every day

    the mother
    gives her child
    his life as a gift

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      1. Hello Ms. Umi Aimen Kundangar.

        Thank you for following me.

        The woman is me
        the biggest secret
        in my opinion
        in my thoughts

        is the woman
        the heroine
        of real life

        of which I am suffering
        and the tragedy
        the one woman
        have to endure in their life
        a premonition
        to guess must

        i know myself
        make me smile
        the appreciative look
        like a flash
        from the universe
        can meet me

        Best regards
        Hans Gamma

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  3. These lovely lines by you clearly reflect the truth about the existence of a woman … And yes, it is a pleasure on my part following you…

    I want to read your posts but they are in some other language i guess which i cant comprehend except a few… Is there any way out ?


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