A conversation with the mirror…

I cant hate you as you stand unprejudiced and show people their real self but then i cant help but loathe about the people who stand infront of you and try to search the meaning of beauty in you and try to make themselves beautiful by applying various types of cosmetics to look ‘fair and lovely’ as they find it ,or the ones who want to attain that slim figure and every now and then keep on checking that how many inches they have gained or lost.

I feel these people those hold these superficial standards of beauty are in a way hiding these imperfections behind these layers of greasepaint they keep on applying , and rather its the imperfections in us that make us beautiful equally , as for me dark shades, freckles ,pimples or any other scars dont make you less beautiful and they are a part of a person and should embrace it wholeheartedly and never for a moment feel inferior and adhere to the society’s definition of beauty and believe everyone is beautiful despite their skin colour and that the real beauty is the beauty of the heart for looks fade and beauty lies but skin deep…

Do the trees that shed their leaves in the autumn by any means make the winter’s aura barren and lifeless ? Well if I would be asked the answer to this would be no, as they are so many beautiful things to witness like watching the snowy flakes , jump in the puddles that rain creates, trying to break in the icicles that hang on the rooftops. I believe that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and the most liberating thing about beauty is to realize that you are the beholder…

Published by Umi Aimen Kundangar

A bibliophile, A movie Buff, An amateur writer, An Aesthethe forever...

12 thoughts on “A conversation with the mirror…

  1. Everything you wrote is so true. But it can be difficult to ignore the promptings of society at large. Finding horses and getting them into my life taught me that looks aren’t everything. They never cared that my hair was a mess or that I hadn’t put on makeup or that my clothes were dirty. They only cared that I treated them well and honestly. Horses changed my life so fundamentally that even now, having had to give them up, I am still benefiting from the experience. Still … there are days I look in the mirror and find fault with what I see. It’s a process, just like everything else.

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    1. I agree that ignoring the promptings of the society is difficult but no matter what… they are going to make you feel low about yourself maybe that’s their way of covering their own insecurity .. and for me looks are the last thing one should count upon for ultimately they are going to fade away, rather we need to love our every scar, pimple or our freckle for that is not going to define us any way. So never mind and stop finding faults within yourself Dianne. You are beautiful the way you are ..Sending much love your way ❀


  2. Well said. The big problem lies with society and how it has come up with set standards forcing on people, changing peoples perceptions through media and ads. Then there’s the natural human nature to belong hence falling in the same trap. I like your conclusion that we are all beholder and yes, true beauty lies within

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