A letter to Sleep…

And then when the sun goes to hide behind the mountains with the promise to come back again tomorrow and shine brighter than the previous day and make people’s hearts warm again and revive their lost hopes no doubt how much the hearts have lost their vitality because of the challenges life poses at them everyday, that’s when the sky starts to change its colours and drape the aura in hues of crimson red and peachy orange, signalling the birds to fly back to their nests, and the flowers to close their wings allowing the night to enter and peep through providing the stars a field to spread itself and the moon showering its trail of light and keeping its promise of driving people back home despite the sky being pitch dark.

And as the night sets in , it begins to take hold of the starry night, slowly beginning you to drowse making the eyelids heavy like the cool breeze of summer does , finally inducing you to a deep sleep , and transporting you into a wonderland of dreams and hence taking you to such places that you would have never been to in reality, and one sleeps at peace with a cozy blanket not aware of how loud are the crickets chirping or are there howling gales swirling outside or is the moon resting itself among the stars and whether it has shut its eyelids and gone into a deep sleep.

For me, sleep is the best meditation for it keeps me away from the stress and strain of life and helps me not to worry about what tommorrow will dish out for me in the platter. Lastly i must say it keeps your mind at peace and when its at peace joy comes rushing in like the gush of water flows freely not having an ounce of fear of the possibility of a flood.

Published by Umi Aimen Kundangar

A bibliophile, A movie Buff, An amateur writer, An Aesthethe forever...

60 thoughts on “A letter to Sleep…

      1. Welcome. I am doing okay thank you, I had to delete my old blog due to WordPress censorship, the growth of the blog stagnated and I couldn’t interact with my followers properly. Beginning anew. How are you doing?

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  1. Oh! I see.. but even though just don’t worry for you always have been an amazing writer…So Good luck for your journey…. 👍 … May you rise and shine each passing day….. I am doing good.. and yeah thank you for asking ❤

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  2. Hey there Umi, lovely post. I love sleep too. Always did….well almost…. I agree with you completely….dreams and wonderland. It’s way better than meditation. so relaxing. hugs

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  3. Thank you for your question.

    Please explain to me
    – why you publish a letter to God?

    What are other people doing in contrast to you
    – could you explain me,
    – what and how to do it better?

    Please explain to me
    – the main difference
    – between hope and expectation?

    Why should the people around me
    – not a parable,
    – be a mirror of myself?

    Please explain to me
    – why a person gives me sugar,
    – if I ask him for the salt?

    Please explain to me
    – why I am not allowed to judge?

    What do you do with your insecurities and mistakes,
    – and why do you suspect others
    – that these people want to hide their impotence?

    Please explain to me,
    – why the night is bleak,
    – right then,
    – when the soul speaks to me in a dream?

    What sun comes into your consciousness
    – and which stars are not?

    Please explain to me,
    – what the failure of a cure
    – has to do,
    – if someone hurts me
    – and because of that I can’t be friendly?

    Please explain to me,
    – why I am not of indivisible human dignity,
    – if your event does not correspond to my experience?

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    1. I have published a letter to god to offer my gratitude and as far as your other questions are concerned i can see you have picked some points from my posts , well to that i would say that some are my thoughts, and others i have personally witnessed so they become my experiences ….

      And i can say you have got full liberty to disagree or agree to my ideas and you can have your own take on that …


      1. Thank you for your reply.

        I can understand your point of view
        – that you want to show your gratitude,
        — Indeed,
        — so it seems to me

        – Can you please explain to me
        – why you stand before God
        – and want to make other people better?

        – what are your thoughts,
        – what you want to see about others,
        – something else
        – as a judgment itself

        – about other people living in opposition,
        – to that
        – that you announce,
        – that you are before God
        – in contrast
        – are not like the others?

        I dont have the right
        – Disagreeing with your ideas
        – I introduce you
        – My questions about your published statements

        – To the soul
        – to a god
        – I have no opinion on the life of the soul
        – to represent

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      2. I guess you got my point wrong i never want to and infact i am powerless so i can never stand before god for he has created me and i have not created him god forbid and i dont want to make people better or change them either..

        I didn’t understand the second question …

        About the third i think i answered it already …

        I am not a philosopher , so i think you should discuss it with some learned person who can guide you better and you can have a discourse on him / her accordingly ….


      3. I understand you came to this conclusion
        – of course, it depends on me,
        – than that I can understand your convictions in this way and not in any other way.

        Please explain to me how it is possible that you are not standing before him with your letter to God at the same time?

        I agree with you that we humans cannot create life ourselves and what surrounds us.

        Please explain to me what you did not understand?

        Please explain to me what you have already answered?

        Please explain to me why I should speak to a learned person?

        Please explain to me that I should justify myself to someone of my kind, who should lead me to what?

        I have asked you questions and I am trying to answer what you say.

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  4. I misinterpreted your question wrong then .. Yes i stand before god just with the sole purpose of offering gratitude to him and nothing else …

    I found the 1st and 3rd question similar ..That’s what i have answered already …

    I didn’t understand the second question …what were you trying to ask exactly ?

    I believe i am not a learned person so i cant answer your questions regarding the concept of soul and other related questions you had asked …

    You should justify yourself to somebody like you so that you can get all the answers …


  5. Your answer: “I misinterpreted your question at the time. Yes, I stand before God, only with the sole purpose of showing him gratitude and nothing else …”

    With this you have made an essential testimony that there is nothing on my part to add to it.

    Your answer: “I found the 1st and 3rd questions similar. I’ve already answered that”

    You can do it like this
    – as you give it to answer,
    – say that;
    – however, I would like to know
    – that I like
    – could understand your answer to my questions one and three.

    I can answer the second question
    – if you could please tell me
    – what they did not understand exactly.

    Your objection is understandable,
    – so that,
    – because you are not a scholarly person,
    – in practice, however,
    – you about the concept of the soul and other related questions,
    – you have a hard time finding an answer,
    – I can understand that well.

    Can you please explain to me
    – because you answer the questions
    – are not an expert on the soul,
    – to talk about the soul like that,
    – like all of us,
    – who are we simple people?

    Can you explain to me, please
    – why I have to justify myself for something
    – even if I can’t find answers to my questions?

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