Well, when you first think about the word ‘Expectations’, what comes to your mind or how do you define it ?

Maybe in layman’s definition it would be hoping a favour from somebody when you have helped them in any way and you expect them to help back or being there for you when you feel low and you think like they will boost and dissipate all the dark shadows. If we look at the sunny side to life you wont be dissapointed when it comes to the bond of a mother for she will stand by your side no matter how hard the situation gets or how badly you behave and she acts as the shade everytime in the scorching heat of life . As life has been teaching me over and over again i come to terms with the fact that one should hope and not expect when it comes to other people , i am not being judgemental but as far as my experiences are concerned they potray some things as clear as the mirror as nobody stands by you and you have to arrange the pieces yourself to the jigsaw puzzle called “Life” for they end up sprinkling the salt when sugar is needed for they bring you down in every possible way , shatter your confidence and make you feel low about yourself when they see you ascending in any way growing closer to your goal.

Its maybe they cant see you flourish or maybe they are hiding their insecurities so that somebody else may not raise a question about their own flaws which they tend to hide under their garb of being the so called “perfect ” but the fact remains that no one is perfect except the one who created them.

So to conclude , i would say when you expect , you brace yourselves for dissapointment. So now i think when you learn to accept instead of expecting, you will be less disaapointed and way too happy and contended.

As far as the question of healing is concerned you should start forgiving people and be kind in the same way as our lord forgives his servants ignoring all the sins and keeps his doors always open for repentance , and also when the sun comes to consciousness at dawn , it does not realize how dark and dreary the last night was , and just shines brighter than the previous day.

P.S : Well , this was my share of experience , your’s can differ for sure and you can have people who would be there for you and if that’s the case i can say you should consider yourself blessed .

Published by Umi Aimen Kundangar

A bibliophile, A movie Buff, An amateur writer, An Aesthethe forever...

17 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Interesting post Umi. I hope and pray that you experience love and kindness from unexpected sources!

    True, expectations lead to unhappiness and heartburn. And acceptance is so awesome.

    But I also believe (I wrote two years back) that Love is a One Way Street. We can love and we can be kind and we may not get it back from the people we loved. When we expect love back there is a clash – like two cars coming from opposite directions in a One Way Street! But universe ensures what goes around comes back. From where God only knows.

    Stay safe. Stay loved ๐Ÿฅฐ

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    1. Thank you for sharing your views…I have read that post of yours and that’s wonderful …

      But i disagree with you a bit on this for we are but humans and a human heart was designed like this – to feel, to care, to love and to get hurt , when it doesn’t get reciprocated maybe that’s when things go the other way round and your hopes come crashing down ..

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      1. Humans were made in the image of God and He is Love.

        We are not a body with a soul. We are souls with a body ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’–

        Buddha too had said all human suffering is due to attachment and expectations.

        All the best to you Umi

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  2. I agree that all human suffering is due to attachment and expectations but i think we cant help it at times for we are social beings and we cant go and live in a cave all alone and not connect with people at all …


  3. Yes, expectations can hurt us, we can be frustrated. But sometimes we learn from our experience not to expect anything from anyone. In my opinion that’s a good thing when you learn it.

    By the way , you composed your thoughts in a great way.
    Keep writing ๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŒธ

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  4. sometimes the expectations help us to excel…while at times…expectations kill all our potential…n make things worst!!!
    So one must have expectation but in a way where a rejection can be accepted!
    then only it will act as a positive supportโฃ

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    1. Yes, i also think on the same lines .. for it is difficult to not expect but i think the least we can do is distance ourselves from that person for it only affects our mental health in the long run…


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