A letter to Sleep…

And then when the sun goes to hide behind the mountains with the promise to come back again tomorrow and shine brighter than the previous day and make people’s hearts warm again and revive their lost hopes no doubt how much the hearts have lost their vitality because of the challenges life poses at themContinue reading “A letter to Sleep…”

A conversation with the mirror…

I cant hate you as you stand unprejudiced and show people their real self but then i cant help but loathe about the people who stand infront of you and try to search the meaning of beauty in you and try to make themselves beautiful by applying various types of cosmetics to look ‘fair andContinue reading “A conversation with the mirror…”

The Life of a Woman

If we largely talk of the life of a woman, we can call it a challenge, a tumultous jaunt, a dependence on a man, or a symathy for her family. Literally speaking words take a total decline but the long list of words which describe the life of a woman never end. If we introspectContinue reading “The Life of a Woman”

Rebellious Teenage

Being a teenager is such a compelling time period in life that it gives you some of the worst scars and some of the exhiliriating moments. It is a fascinating time as it makes you to experience the wildest of your experiences – some old enough to be truly adult, some old enough to makeContinue reading “Rebellious Teenage”

A Long Walk To Freedom

Doctors say” A brisk walk is necessary for every body whether he be slim or obese for it keeps diseases at bay but for me walks are necessary because of my love for woods and the secrets they keep on unravelling, moreover they make you perceive life from a closer angle. I also love walksContinue reading “A Long Walk To Freedom”

Solace and Me

At times when my sense of insecurity and anguish seems entrenched, when expectations seem hovering like the buzzing bees sucking out the nectar from the wild flowers, killing the instincts like a mesmerising thought of an artist capturing a bird in the cage with no one around to obliterate the shackles and set it free.Continue reading “Solace and Me”

The Charm of Poetry

Poetry is the most beautiful part of not only literature but rather life for it unfolds stories in ripples with each nuance captured in expression and music. Its beauty does not only lie in the rhythm of the soft springs but it also lies in the abounding canvas of human infiniteness. It is a personifiedContinue reading “The Charm of Poetry”

The Shades of Life

A beautiful gift, nay without test Into thin air scatters the rest Posing all the challenges from east to west Hiding harrowing secrets deep into the nest… Success and failure but both make you best Success ; towers and carries to the crest Failure but enhances a pain called quest Life full of shade andContinue reading “The Shades of Life”

The Arena of Dreams

Visualising a dream is like the mind taking a breath of fresh air, like a surprise gift which we desperately want to open, like a journey to the most enthralling place. I believe that” Dreams are like sandcastles”. If we dont arrange the bits of clay properly it wont get the desired shape and wouldContinue reading “The Arena of Dreams”